Build Motivation and Confidence in Your Child

With leadership and inspiration
Your child CAN develop motivation, resilience,
emotional intelligence, and academic prowess

I Understand Your Pain

You're not the first to experience this

Emotionally Volatile

You're tired of angry outbursts and shouting contests.

Struggling Academically

You lose hope as your child disengages and their confidence breaks down.

Not Making Friends

It hurts to see your child struggle socially.

Unhealthy Habits

You feel guilty allowing unhealthy eating and excessive screen time.

Will it Get Worse?

Let's eliminate these fears!

School and Work Relationships

Is your child prepared for complex relationships and responsibilities?

Self Harm

You would do anything to protect your child.

Substance Abuse

Unhealthy coping mechanisms have dangerous implications.

Believe it or Not,
I Can Help

Let's Thrive together

A Personalized Coaching Program

The Lifestyle Assessment targets areas for growth, and I will tailor-make a program specific to your child and their needs.

Quantitative data shows your child’s growth, based on scientifically backed research to support the effectiveness of the program.

Measuring positive impacts on all areas of life: home, school, social, and self.

Focused Strengths Development

I utilize a strengths based program focused on solutions vs problems - Empowering children’s strengths to become a leader of their own life.

Striving for long term success over a “quick fix”.

I do this through:

Establishing good habits,

Building resilience and self confidence,

Equipping with tools and implementation strategies,

Leadership skills for a joyful, inspired life.

Engaged, Hands-On Activities

I understand children do not benefit from more homework, being told what to do, or fixating on the problem.

That's why our coaching sessions are fun and interactive:

I use hands on, kinesthetic and engaging activities,

To teach advanced concepts like mindfulness, emotional awareness, nervous system regulation, and neuroscience.

Home activities are adventure based - no worksheets.

Stronger through Adversity

What is my end goal as a coach?

Resilience to last a lifetime.

Established habits which utilize tools and strategies to combat stress.

Integrity and core value based decision making.

Increased confidence and self esteem.

Living life with a growth mindset, so they can emerge from negative experiences, stronger and more confident on the other side.

Ready to Start?

Our Mission

"The fact is that worldwide, good kids are making bad choices because of influences on their outside world that they don’t always have control over."

"Our mission is simply to help kids make better choices so they can be happier, more motivated and inspired."

"We succeed at this using the KLS Programme - a unique and globally recognized, child friendly approach that is based on leading research on how children think, learn, act and behave.”

- Kids Life Studio®

About the Founder

Ayla Cunningham

11 Years Experience - teaching overseas, private schools, public schools

Masters in Education with a focus in behavioral science

Certified Kids Life Coach® - program based on science backed theories and neuroscience

"As a parent and teacher, I saw my own kids and students lacked the skills necessary to navigate life's challenges and disappointments well."

I wanted to give them the world, but I didn't have the time or in-depth knowledge to teach these essential life skills.

The traditional education model had failed me. I felt like my identity as an educator was in crisis.

So I searched elsewhere for the answers.

I applied a rigorous process, cross-referencing my experience and knowledge in behavioral science and neuroscience.

Sorting through all the fake experts and flawed models...

Until I found a teaching model that was backed by the same theories, concepts, and science I was learning in my masters program.

"From that, Strive to Thrive was born."